Das Donaueschingen-Dilemma
November 1, 2021
Zu blöd für Neue Musik?
November 9, 2021

Moritz Eggert*1965 – Alien (2005)
Gudula Rosa – Blockflöte/recorder
07.10.21 Musikhochschule Münster (concert as part of the festival days „10 years Jugendakademie Münster“) recorded by Studio305
Video: Prof. Koh Kameda and Marcelo Albuja

Moritz Eggert, what fascinates you about the topic alien?
Moritz Eggert: I have always been fascinated with concepts of a totally “alien’’ music whose laws are different from the ones that we know and accept. Even though there are always people who try to formulate “generic” laws about how music should function and who try to explain concepts of beauty with a view mostly derived from the Western European history of music, the most cursory glance at the different musical cultures of our planet will show that there is incredible diversity and difference.
If we were ever to encounter beings from another planet, their music would of course be very different. I always loved the scene in Spielberg’s “Close Encounters Of the Third Kind”
where the scientists try to communicate musically with an alien spaceship. I tried to imagine a communication between an alien and humans (the audience/listeners) that happens in exactly this way. I think the instrument recorder fits the idea of a “Stranger In A Strange Land” (taking the title from a famous Robert A. Heinlein novel that was a cult book in the 70’s) very well, as it is still somewhat of an anachronistic instrument in today’s concert scene.

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