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Melody 1.0 (1998)

  Chamber music - Trios

  for violin, cello and typewriter
work list 85a-98-NW

completed 08/28/1998

instruments violin, cello, typewriter

duration 4'

world premiere 08/23/1998
Muriel Cantoreggi, vl. Sebastian Hes, vc., Moritz Eggert, typewriter
Schloss Elmau (Germany), Grosser Saal

special basis for "Number Nine II: Melody 1.0"



This piece is the only one of my pieces which exists in three different versions ... and a fourth one is still to come!
All the first three versions use a typewriter as the solo instrument. I had used a whole orchestra of (mechanical) typewriters for my "Symphony 1.0" (1997), and it seemed lo... [more]

[ 14.10.1998 ]

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