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2 Killmayer Songs (2007)

  Vocal music - Songs with piano

  for medium voice and piano
work list 170

completed 08/11/2007

text Wilhelm Killmayer

movements 1. Schmoeger
2. Heisse Nacht bei Brabinski

voices baritone

instruments piano

duration 6'

world premiere 11/09/2007
Julia Rutigliano, sopr., Moritz Eggert, pf.
Munich (Germany), Musikhochschule, Grosser Saal, "Killmayernacht"

special Use of small preparation and additional instruments (pistol, melodica)

dedicated Wilhelm Killmayer

publication edition sikorski 8818


Excerpt from Schmoeger, sung by Julia Rutigliano, Moritz Eggert, pf.

Excerpt from Heisse Nacht..., sung by Julia Rutigliano, Moritz Eggert, pf.

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