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May 17, 2023

The Last Conspiracy

Ironia della sorte, l’Huffington Post Italia si riferisce alla prima della mia opera del complotto…
May 5, 2023

German review in the “Neue Musikzeitung” of “Die letzte Verschwörung” (The Last Conspiracy)

German review in the “Neue Musikzeitung” of “Die letzte Verschwörung” (The Last Conspiracy)
May 1, 2023

UK review “Die letzte Verschwörung” (The Last Conspiracy)

There will be 4 more performances in Vienna beginning of next year!

Bad Blog of Musick

May 23, 2023

Is New Music Too Simple?

“This creates the paradoxical situation that something intellectually very ambitious like Boulez’s piece has to fail at the very simple level of linguistic decoding by, for example, lay people. It […]
May 22, 2023

Ist Neue Musik zu simpel?

“Wie wir wissen, sind die musikalischen Methoden von Boulez sehr wohl komplex, die tatsächlich klingende Oberfläche des Stücks ist aber unglaublich simpel, selbst im Vergleich zu einem einfachen Kinderlied wie […]
May 7, 2023

Competition with the (music) machine (2)

“Just as there are algorithms now that can recognize text generated by ChatGPT, there will be algorithms that will scan scores for computer assistance.”
April 17, 2023

Competition with the (music) machine (1)

“When the music mass market is going to be mostly AI-generated, clients will continue to afford human composers as a kind of ‘luxury’. They might brag by name, like the […]

Just finished

  • Kairosis Video opera
  • Master and Servant Percussion Concerto

In the works

  • Promethea (for violin/viola and orchestra) 4th and 5th movement
  • Heavy Traffic for bass saxophone solo
  • Cthulhoid Chorale

On the horizon

  • Hämmerklavier XXXII: Ultra for piano solo

Travel schedule

13.-26. März: Wien (Proben/Premiere “Die letzte Verschwörung”)

6.-10. April: Venedig (Deutsches Studienzentrum)

12. April: Berlin (DKV)

15. April: Hyrox Köln

28. April: Leipzig (Musikmesse)