Dealing with Demons
July 27, 2023
“Flea Walls”
September 12, 2023
“alien” is one of my most difficult solo pieces – the great Tabea Wink has studied it intensively and probably knows it better than me by now. I
don’t like using electronics “hidden” and don’t like anything happening behind a laptop. Therefore, in this piece it is clearly visible which microphone triggers which analog effect and part of the virtuosity arises from the movements of the soloist.
The recording was made with the support of the Nuremberg University of Music, many thanks also to Jeremias Schwarzer, who made it possible!
Moritz Eggert – Alien (2005)
Tabea Wink, Recorder
Film: Andreas Breu
Edit: Stefan Popp
Studio Setup: Paul Bießmann & Sören Balendat

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