Nomination for the Austrian Music Theater Prize

The White Garden
April 28, 2024
Justus Hermann Wetzel and his contemporaries
June 3, 2024

I was told that I should come to the Austrian Music Theater Award ceremony on September 1. Apparently my opera “The Last Conspiracy” has been nominated for the category “Best World Premiere”. I don’t know if I can trust this news, because I am one of the few people on this planet who knows the SHOCKING TRUTH. Do THEY want to take me out? Are the Illuminati behind this? Or should it really be the well-deserved reward for all the many people who have brought my opera to the stage and to whom I am infinitely indebted? Will my tireless educational work on the new 6H mobile phone technology finally be duly recognized, or will I suddenly fall into a reptilian trap? I only know one thing: the phone rings incessantly and I keep seeing strange men with sunglasses on the street.

I will be prepared.

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