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man soll schwimmen (2013)
Cycle for Trio

  Chamber music - Trios
also look at Musiktheater und Performance
(suiteable for church)

  version 1: for Theremin, Cello and Harmonium
version 2: for violin, cello and harmonium
work list 217a-HW-2013

completed 04/01/2013

movements 1. Bleeding With Light
2. She Is A Snake
3. tief ergruendend
4. Do you Follow Me?
5. morgenlich leuchtend
6. Deep Down River Flow
7. man soll schwimmen

instruments Theremin, Cello, Harmonium

duration 1 h 5'

world premiere 10/02/2015
Version 2, No. 1,3,7 , Homburg,Homburger Kammermusiktage, Vogler-Quartett/Moritz Eggert
Version 1, No. 1,6,7, Leipzig, WGT, 15.5.2016, Lydia Kavina, ther., Lukas Dreyer, vc., Moritz Eggert, Harm.

special In Excerpts part of the Music Theatre “Tragedy Of A Friendship, thematically connected to „My Sleep Is A Dream“, cycle for orchestra


see also My Sleep Is A Dream
Tragedy Of A Friedship

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