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freaks (2003)

  Chamber music - Quintets

  for recorder quartet and percussion
work list 140-03-HW

completed 08/04/2003

instruments I soprano (2x), sopranino, tenor, ren.alto, garklein, lotos flute, crotales (b'), high horn II shell chimes, nose flute, birdnoise, squeaky duck, bass (paetzold), soprano, tenor, prepared alto, jew's harp in A III lotos flute, soprano, flexatone, ren.alto, great bass, prepared alto, jew's harp in G, balloon, sub bass IV bass (paetzold), alto, sub bass, small bell tree, prepared garklein, double bass, jew's harp in G V percussion

duration 21'

world premiere 10/25/2003
Apsara-quartet (Natalie Houtman, Inse Rasbach, Tomma Wessel, Julia Whybrow), Wim Konink, percussion
Leuven (Belgium), transit-Festival, Stuk (Labozaal)

special use of small additional instruments, aulos-playing, singing and playing combinations, advanced playing techniques

dedicated Apsara-Ensemble



QNG - Quartet New Generation (recorders) and Tobias Guttmann (percussion) performing "Freaks" by Moritz Eggert at Hallein Festival 2013, 28.6., Ziegelstadel

texts freaks, detailed instrumentation with remarks


Recorder I: soprano (x2), sopranino, tenor, renaissance alto, garklein, lotos flute
small percussion: crotales (b ‘’’’) , high (small) horn (bicycle/car)

Recorder II: bass (paetzold), soprano, tenor, alto (prepared) , nose fl... [more]

[ 10.12.2003 ]
Freaks, english text about the piece


The term „freaks“ dates back to the old circus sideshows, when it was common to exhibit “freaks of nature”: dwarves, bearded women, pinheads, living torsos, siamese shock the audience for a few bucks.
The protagonists of these shows were usuall... [more]

[ 09.12.2003 ]
Freaks, ursprünglicher Gedankenentwurf des Stückes


Für 3 Blockflöten, von Moritz Eggert

Kaum ein Instrument ist so potentiell für die Spieler komplexerzeugend wie die Blockflöte...“immer zu tief“, „Kinderinstrument“, „tut mir in den Ohren weh“ sind häufig gehörte Kommentare zur Blo... [more]

[ 11.12.2003 ]

see also freaks (2003/2008)

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