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Kisses in the air (1997)

  Stage Works - Musiktheater und Performance

  for 6 or more performers
work list 75-97-NW

completed 07/18/1997

voices 6 or more performers

duration 2'

world premiere 02/28/1997
Katrin Schyns, Cristina Czetto, Amelia Poveda, Jenny Coogan, Doerthe Stoeß, Yoshiko Waki, Javier Picardo, Rolf Kast, Guido Markowitz, Richard Taylor
Darmstadt (Germany), Staatstheater

special the music is created by the dancer's movements; mouth percussion, theatrical elements

texts kisses in the air, english translations of performance instructions


German Translations

Page 1

Bar 1 Kiss own hand, theatrical gesture
Bar 3 „popping“ noise, like uncorking a bottle, produced with „exploding“ lips, like a very pronounced „P“
Bar 5 pitchless, throaty „k“ (consonant only... [more]

[ 20.03.2004 ]

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