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Avec ma main brulée (1997)

  Stage Works - Musiktheater und Performance

  for 8 dancers and reciter (plays instrument ad lib.)
work list 70-97-HW

completed 03/11/1997

text Short excerpt from "Malina", Ingeborg Bachmann

voices 1 Rezitator/in (spielt beliebiges Instrument)

instruments 8 dancers and recitation (reciter plays any instrument ad lib.)

duration 12'

world premiere 02/28/1997
Katrin Schyns, Cristina Czetto, Amelia Poveda, Jenny Coogan, Doerthe Stoeß, Yoshiko Waki, Javier Picardo, Rolf Kast, Guido Markowitz, Richard Taylor, musician: Martina Bittner
Darmstadt (Germany), Staatstheater

special the music is created by the dancer's movements; mouth percussion, theatrical elements

texts English translation of performance notes

Avec ma main brulée

English translations

1) For this piece 8 performers and one speaker (with any instrument, see bar 127) are needed. The speaker also functions as a conductor, if necessary. The music is created through various body- and mouth sounds. Although ... [more]

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