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EMC (2020)

  Chamber music - Duets
also look at Duos
(suiteable for church)

  for baroque harp and piano
work list 277-NW-2020

completed 05/18/2020

instruments baroque harp, piano

duration 2'

special Composed as Jingles for the podcast of the European Music Council (EMC)

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Lied des Moerders (2018)
from the opera "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder"

  Vocal music - Duets

  for 2 voices and piano
work list 257b-18-NW

completed 10/24/2018

text trad.

voices 2 voices

instruments piano

duration 1'


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The Collectors (2017)

  Chamber music - Duets
also look at Duos
(suiteable for church)

  for percussion and piano
work list 255-HW-2017

completed 12/19/2017

instruments percussion, piano

duration 26'

world premiere 04/22/2018
Eke Simons, Konstantyn Napolov
Dorpskerk Wilp (Netherlands), "Jonge Meesters"

special use of several small instruments and gadgets, also by pianist


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P Is For Riot (2012)

  Chamber music - Duets
(suiteable for church)

  for clarinet and horn
work list 212-NW-2012

completed 09/09/2012

instruments Clarinet (Bb), Horn

duration 6'

world premiere 11/17/2012
Jean Johnson, clar., Andy Saunders, hn.
Migvie (Scotland/GB), Migvie Church

dedicated Jean Johnson and Andy Saunders


texts P Is For Riot - english text about the piece


The anti-Putin church performance of Russian feminist punk band „Pussy Riot“ and the following harsh trial against three of its members belong to the most internationally publicized events of the year 2012. Regardless of the stance one takes against or for such an act it... [more]

[ Moritz Eggert , 10.09.2012 ]

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XeroX (2002)

  Chamber music - Duets

  original version: for soprano saxophone and harp
2nd version: for flute and harp
work list 131-02-NW

completed 09/30/2002

instruments 1. soprano saxophone, harp
2. flute or harp

duration 9' 30''

world premiere 04/08/2013
Camilla Hoitenga, fl., Xenia Narati, hp.
Basle (Switzerland), Gare du Nord

dedicated Xenia Narati


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