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alien (2005)

  Chamber music - Solo

  for recorder (1 player plays Garklein, sopranino, soprano and renaissance-alto) and live electronics
work list 157-05-HW

completed 12/21/2005

instruments Garklein, sopranino, soprano, renaissance-alto recorder (1 player), effects (Harmonizer, Chorus, Octaver), Sampler, 3 microphones

duration 12'

world premiere 12/21/2005

dedicated Genevieve Lacey

soundcarrier Weaver Of Fictions


texts alien, short english text about the piece


I have always been fascinated with concepts of a totally „alien“ music, whose laws are different from the one’s that we know and accept. Even though there are always people who try to formulate “generic” laws how music should function and who try to explain concepts of beauty wi... [more]

[ Moritz Eggert , 2.7.2007 ]
alien, performance notes in english

Moritz Eggert:

alien (2005)

For Genevieve Lacey

some performance notes:

- The player uses three different microphones. These microphones should be placed in a way that they are a) close to each other b) don’t interfer with each other (altho... [more]

[ 17.07.2006 ]


alien, Ausschnitt/excerpt, performed by Genevieve Lacey

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