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Mein Traum ist laenger als die Nacht (2010)
Music Discovery Project

  Vocal music - Oratorios/Masses
also look at Vocal music

  project with 2raumwohnung

work list 197-HW-2010

completed 12/19/2010

text Lyrics by 2raumwohnung (except "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" by Rueckert)

movements 1. die schwere (instrumentation)
2. mein traum ist länger als die nacht (new composition together with 2raumwohnung)
3. wir werden sehen (instrumentation)
4. bei dir bin ich schön (new composition together with 2raumwohnung)
5. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (new composition together with Inga Humpe)
6. bleib doch bis es schneit (Orchestral Remix)
7. 2 von millionen von sternen (Orchestral Remix)
8. angel of germany (instrumentation)
9. wir erinnern uns nicht (Orchestral Remix)

voices solo voice

instruments Fl. (also picc.), 2 Ob., E.H., 2 Bb-clar. (also A-clar.), 2 Bn. Dbn. 6 Hn., 4 trumpets (Bb), 2 Ten.-tb.., Bass-tb., Tba. Timpani, 4 perc. hp. strings

duration 43'

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Missa (2008)

  Vocal music - Oratorios/Masses
also look at Essays
(suiteable for church)

  for vocal ensemble, choir, organ and orchestra
work list 175-08-HW

completed 03/24/2008

text Latin Mass Text

movements various music to accompany functions of the Mass
I. Introitus a
II. Introitus b
III. Kyrie
IV. Gloria
IX. Final Song
V. Hallelujah
VI. Credo
VII. Sanctus
VIII. Agnus Dei
X. Optional Cantus

voices Solo, Tenor I Solo, Tenor II Solo, Tenor III Solo, Baritone Solo, Bass Solo, mixed choir

instruments organ, orchestra: Timp., Schlgwerk (1 Spieler)

duration 50'

world premiere 07/06/2008
Ensemble Singer Pur, Michaelsmusik and Michaelschor, conductor: Frank Hoendgen
Munich (Germany), St. Michael, "Weihetag"

special The Mass can be celebrated properly as it includes the necessary lithurgic rituals and also involves the congregation with songs and prayers.



excerpt from Sanctus/Benedictus, Michaelsmusik and Choir conducted by Frank Hoendgen

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From the depth of space - a soccer oratorio (2005)

  Vocal music - Oratorios/Masses
also look at Orchestra alone

  fpr 4 singers, 3 speakers, large choir and large orchestra
work list 155-05-HW

completed 07/31/2005

text text: Michael Klaus

voices Virtue (Soprans), Sin (Mezzo), Player (Tenor), Reporter (Baritone), Large Choir (12-part), 3 speakers (Alt-Internationaler, Trainer, Sport-Reporter),

instruments Large Orchestra: picc.2.2.2.bass clarinet, ten.-sax, 2, double bassoon 4 hn.., 3 tr., 2 tromb.., bass tuba, Timpani, percussion (4 players), harp, el.guitar, Continuo: accordion, cembalo/keyboard, electr. bass, cello, strings: at least, samples (sound collages)

duration 1 h 56'

world premiere 09/11/2005
Bochumer Symphoniker, Steven Sloane, conductor, Joachim Krol (coach), Peter Lohmeyer ("old international"), Christoph Bantzer (reporter), speakers, Claudia Barainsky (virtue), Ursula Hesse von den Steinen (sin), Corby Welsh (player), Thomas Bauer (reporter), Chorus of the Ruhrtriennale, choir coach : Walter Zeh
Bochum (Germany), Jahrhunderthalle

special can be performed theatrically as well, official commission of the culture program of the soccer World Championship 2006

publication Sikorski Musikverlage


Ausschnitt aus dem Stück, der bei der WM-Eröffnungszeremonie 2006 verwendet wurde
Excerpt from the piece that was used at the FIFA-WM 2006 opening ceremony

texts Interview mit Ingo Gerlach von der Komischen Oper

Heute holt man sich die große Gefühlsdosis eher im Stadion ab
Moritz Eggert im Gespräch über Fußball und Theater

Nach der Uraufführung bei der RuhrTriennale 2005 wird Die Tiefe des Raumes nun die WM rahmend in Berlin aufgefü... [more]

[ 26.05.2006 ]


IMGPeter Lohmeyer, Christoph Bantzer, Joachim Krol bei den Proben
Peter Lohmeyer, Christoph Bantzer, Joachim Krol bei den Proben

Ausschnitt aus dem Finale

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