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Two Songs from the "Eisprinzessin" (2003)
I Putzlied II Munde Mund

  Vocal music - Solo

  for female voice solo
work list 133-03-NW

completed 01/28/2003

text From the play "Eisprinzessin" by F.K. Waechter

voices female voice (also singing actress)

duration 3'

world premiere 06/11/2003
Ursula Berlinghof, voice
Munich (Germany), Halle 7, Room 3


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There was a building (or: the 58th street broiler) (2002)

  Vocal music - Solo
also look at Electronic music

  for singer and tape
work list 124-02-HW

completed 03/2002

text text: Ben Katchor

voices singer solo

instruments tape

duration 16'

world premiere 04/10/2002
Theo Bleckmann, voice
New York (USA), Music at the Anthology, Angel Orensanz Foundation

special singer moves through space, description of an imaginary building

dedicated Theo Bleckmann



texts there was a building, english text

There was a building (or: the 58th Street Broiler)

By Ben Katchor (Text) and Moritz Eggert (Music)

A building embodies many different things for different people. For one person it might be an annoyance, for the other a shrine. Some wouldn’t mind if a particular buildi... [more]

[ 18.11.2004 ]


excerpt from the CD version

see also about "there was a building"

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Wende dich zu mir / Vom Schiff weg ... (2000)

  Vocal music - Solo

  for solo voice
work list 55-94-NW

completed 1994

text text: Heiner Mueller, Bible

movements Vom Schiff weg...
Wende dich zu mir

voices voice solo

duration 5'

world premiere 07/08/2000
Thomas Berau, Baritone
Landsberg (Germany), Stadttheater, "Lyrik am Lech"

special written for the play "Titus - Fall of Rome" by Heiner Müller


see also Titus - Fall of Rome
Breaking The Waves (Open Air Performance)

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